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SRB's Surgical Operations Text & Atlas II PDF

SRB's Surgical Operations Text & Atlas II PDF Free Download

·  Exhaustive coverage of common and uncommon surgical procedures.
·  Unique presentations of surgical anatomy and operative photos of most of the procedures.
·  Basic principles and techniques of suturing and disSection have been dealt in detail.
·  Umpteen numbers of illustrations and photographs.
·  Basic laparoscopy and usual laparoscopy surgeries are discussed with highlighting the robotic surgeries, liposuction, etc.
·  Complications and Important Clinical Features are highlighted in coloured boxes for better understanding.
·  Enriched with colored illustrations of operative procedures spread across fields of general surgery, GI tract surgery, urology, vascular surgery and basic laparoscopy.
·  This text-cum-atlas will be useful for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of surgery as well as practitioners.

Table of Contents:

·  Chapter 1: Introduction and Principles in Operative Surgery
·  Chapter 2: Preoperative Preparation, Operation Room, Postoperative Care
·  Chapter 3: Basic Principles of Incision, DisSection, Suturing and Haemostasis
·  Chapter 4: Day Care Surgery, Ambulatory Surgery, Outpatient Surgery
·  Chapter 5: Instruments
·  Chapter 6: Energy Sources in Surgery
·  Chapter 7: Basic Surgical Procedures
·  Chapter 8: Principles of Surgical Management in Trauma
·  Chapter 9: Principles of Surgical Treatment in Infections
·  Chapter 10: Amputations
·  Chapter 11: Surgeries in Arterial Diseases
·  Chapter 12: Surgery in Venous Diseases
·  Chapter 13: Surgeries of Nerves, Muscles and Tendons
·  Chapter 14: Surgeries of Face, Head and Neck
·  Chapter 15: Surgery for Thyroid and Parathyroids
·  Chapter 16: Surgery for Breast Diseases
·  Chapter 17: Surgery of Salivary Glands
·  Chapter 18: Basic Principles in Laparotomy and Laparoscopy
·  Chapter 19: Surgery of Oesophagus
·  Chapter 20: Surgery of Stomach and Duodenum
·  Chapter 21: Surgery of small bowel and appendix
·  Chapter 22: Surgery of liver and biliary system
·  Chapter 23: Surgery and pancreas and spleen
·  Chapter 24: Colonic Surgeries
·  Chapter 25: Anorectal Surgeries Surgical Anatomy
·  Chapter 26: Retroperitoneal Surgeries
·  Chapter 27: Urologic Surgeries
·  Chapter 28: Obesity and Morbid Obesity
·  Chapter 29: Adrenal Gland Surgeries
·  Chapter 30: Surgeries in Hernia
·  Chapter 31: Surgeries of Penis, Scrotum and Testis 
   Chapter 32: Basic Obstetrics and Gynaecologic Surgeries
   Chapter 33: Other procedures

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