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The Pharmaceutical Codex 12th Edition Free Download

The Pharmaceutical Codex 12th Edition Pdf Free Download

The Pharmaceutical Codex Principles and Practice Of Pharmaceutics Pdf Free Download

Editor: Walter Lund                  Format: PDF

 Hardback | 1144 pages
  •  205.7 x 322.6 x 66mm | 2,177.27g
  •  Pharmaceutical Press
  •  London, United Kingdom
  •  English
  •  Revised
  •  12th Revised edition
  •  index
  •  0853692904
  •  9780853692904
This edition of the codex has been revised and incorporates updated material as well as new subject areas. The codex provides a reference source on all aspects of pharmaceutical science and technology that are relevant to the development and provision of medicines.

Table of Contents:

Part I Preparation and presentation of drugs as medicines: dosage forms - oral solids, oral liquids, solution properties, suspensions, emulsions, parenterals, aerosols, inhalation products, topical semi-solids, topical liquids and powders, ophthalmic products, rectal and vaginal products; product design, development and presentation - preformulation, formulation, modified-release drug delivery system, biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetic principles, rheology, stability of medicinal products, incompatibility, pharmaceutical packaging, storage, pharmaceutical aspects of clinical trials, statistics; preparation and supply of medicines - good manufacturing practice, licensing, design criteria for production facilities, process development, validation, dispensing procedures and practice-related guidelines, weighing, measuring and counting, infusion fluids: admixtures and administration, paediatric preparations, radiopharmaceuticals, cytotoxic drugs - handling precautions, medical gases, immunological products; pharmaceutical microbiology, sterile processing and contamination control - pharmaceutical microbiology, control of microbial contamination and the preservation of medicines, pyrogens, particulate contamination, sterilization, aseptic processing, cleanrooms for pharmaceutical production, disinfectants and antiseptics; electolyte replacement, nutrient fluids and dialysis solutions - electrolyte powders and oral rehydration solutions, parenteral and enteral nutrition fluids, peritoneal dialysis and haemodialysis preparations; nomenclature and miscellaneous data - nomenclature of organic compounds, miscellaneous data. Part II Monographs on drug substances: the monographs describe the pharmaceutics related aspects of 154 active substances. In addition to relevant physicochemical data, the monographs include abstracts from key papers on topics that range across stability, storage, incompatibility, formulation, dosage form development, excipients, bioavailability and processing.

The Pharmaceutical Codex 12th Edition Pdf Free Download

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